Category Topics

Build Showcase

This is the category for showing off your builds. We don’t discriminate so feel free to post your budget build or your high-end rigs. You’re also welcome to post your “work-in-progress” builds to get feedback. Constructive criticism is welcome but don’t be a douche.


Automatically created discussion topics for articles.

Product Reviews & Recommendations

In this category, we want to focus on product discussions. I think we'd prefer to hear real feedback but you can post links to third party reviews as long as the review is from a reputable source. Keep it civil and don't talk smack if you're not familiar with the product.

Gun Deals

Ok guys, this is the category for gun deals. Each deal should have it's own topic. If the deal is SOLD OUT, flag it and a mod will take a look. If it's sold out, flag it and choose "Something Else" so a mod can close it. If it's spam or a dealer post, flag it and choose "It's Spam."

2nd Amendment Rights Watch

Per @Jason's recommendation, this category is for posting news and information regarding court cases and legislation that affects our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Buy Sell Trade

Post your listings here. For sale by owner only. No dealer postings.

Help/How to

This category is for builders, from newbies to the pros you can post tips, questions or links to videos that you found helpful during your build.