10.5 Pistol Buffer Length


I’m building a 10.5 AR15 Pistol with a Carbine length Gas on the barrel, my question is do I us a carbine length buffer set or can I use a Pistol Length set with a KAK style Blade.



You should be just fine with the KAK Lower Build Kit, they usually come with a pistol tube.


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I just finished my first AR pistol. It is 10.5 inch with a carbine length gas system. The buffer spring looks like a regular carbine spring and the buffer was heavier than a standard carbine buffer. I gave it a function test last weekend and it ran fine.


caferacer, thanks for the info. That’s what had me kinda confused was the length of the Buffer Spring being about the same Evidently the extra weight of the Buffer must be the key to successful operation.

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Just adding this so there is clarification for future readers.

The gas system length does not determine the buffer system that needs to be used. Different buffer springs and buffers instead depend on the receiver extension (buffer tube) being used. For example a carbine receiver extension will use a carbine buffer spring. A rifle / A2 style receiver extension will use a longer buffer spring.

Most barrels are ported to cycle a carbine buffer (3oz) but many builders like to use a slightly heavier buffer (H1, H2, etc) to smooth out the action.


Thanks for the Info


Thanks to everybody that helped, here is what it looks like, 150 rounds and no malfunctions


How far back can you put your brace back


Clean build! How do you like that TF Brace?