16.5" rail with a 16" barrel

I am wondering if i could use this rail http://monstrumtactical.com/products/ar-15-keymod-rail-handguard-16-5-inch with a 16 barrel using the cookie cutter brake? I may just go with the noveske pig brake if not. Just wondering if the cookie cutter brake would butt right up against the rail or if the rail would be too long. My first actual build never had a free float rail so excuse the ignorance.

Seems to me that if the rail doesn’t actually end up longer than the barrel with the AR 15 Muzzle Brake installed it’ll still be really close. In my opinion that’s too much hand guard for a 16" barrel.

Thats what im thinking know of anyone who makes a 16" hand gaurd? I really like the looks of the cookie cutter right against the handgaurd. But, I can’t find one at 16". 15" leaves it exposed and i think it looks rather weird all out there alone.

this is the look id like to have.

That does look pretty cool. I don’t know of any 16" handguards off the top of my head.

That would look bad ass!

You building a 300? Or a 556?

5.56 its a slow build started buying the stuff last fall. I’ve got most of the lower parts just gotta finish the upper.

Maybe get a 17" and cut it down and paint it. I’ve never heard of a 16 personally. It does look killer!!


Found a 16.5" hand guard. Here’s a link http://slrrifleworks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=92

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Thanks guys i think im going to try the 16.5" if it don’t fit i may have a local machine shop cut it down. I appreciate all the responses.

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The cookie cutter brake would bot work with the length of the handgaurd so i went with this instead. Now for paint.


Looks sharp. I like the longer hand guard on the 16 inch bbl

Yea i like it too, i haven’t shot it yet. I just finished putting it together today. This was first time ive intalled a gas block on a barrel without dimples. So hopefully it shoots well also.

iirc a 16" barrel will protrude out pretty much flush with the end of a 15" handgaurd (threads of barrel flush with end of handguard). A brake or comp will extend it out the length of the desired ones you choose. I built a pistol with a 7.5" barrel, used a 9.6" handgaurd and a 3.25" flash can and the flash can only protruded out of the handguard about a 1/4". On the math it’s 7.5+3.25= 10.75". 10.75"-9.6 (handguard)= 1.15" you should have left. Now it could be the barrel is recessed in 1" into the receiver or it was the threads on the flash can that was threaded down 1" further making it only stick out 1/4" past the hand guard. Confused yet? Lol

Yea kinda haha. If i could have found a 16" handgaurd i think the cookie cutter would have worked with a couple shims.

This is a pretty old thread, but I’m wondering what’s on the end of your barrel in this photo? Suppressor?

Just a cheap muzzle brake off amazon it looks like a noveske flaming pig.

I know this thread is old, but http://fortismfg.com/ar15-fortis-night-556-rail-system-16-MLOK has a 16" rail, for anyone that wants a similar look.