16" upper on Kak Blade


Is it legal to put a Kak pistol blade on a rifle with a 16 in barrel? I like how minimal the brace is, so just wondering if it would still be considered a rifle, or would it change to a pistol just by adding the brace?


No a pistol is a firearm with less than a 16" barrel that cant be fired from a shouldered position. A short barreled rifle is a firearm with a barrel shorter than 16" that can be fired from a shouldered position.

If u REALLY want to go with the blade on your rifle u can but i would suggest looking at the mission first tactical minimalist stock or something like it. It will be cheaper and way more comfortable to shoot.


I have 2 AR’s with ACE Skeleton stocks 1 carbine, 1 rifle. I like both, but was looking for something a little different.


That would definately be different :slight_smile: u r the one who has to shoot it so as long as u like it go for it!