7.62x39 AR build

Due to my love of the SKS I may or may not have a few extra rounds in that caliber. I’ve been considering building my 80% lower into such an animal. I’m sure some of you have made something like this. What are you seeing as far as reliability and availability of parts?


I have been contemplating the same thing. I sold my sks and miss it. An ar upper in that caliber is cheaper than the sks in my area. Would like input as well.

Well, they are known for the bolts breaking in the AR due to the AR15 design. I like doing cross calibers for AR15’s but the AK is the one gun I would own when it comes to the 762x39

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Someone makes a 7.62x39 AR that uses an AR10 bolt as the basis, it solves the bolt breaking issues, but I forgot who makes them.

What about nickel boron bolts? Or just the standard black bolts breaking?

I think it was mainly a extractor breakage issue iirc. The trickiest part about the 762x39 in a ar15 is finding reliable mags. You thought g.i. mags were hit or miss? Try shoving a wide round into the profile of a 556 mag and you begin to have issues. I like the idea of it but I’d much rather have a cmmg mutant that takes actual ak47 mags


7.62 has always been my favorite round. I have been considering an AR build for it. With that said. 223/5.56 is in abundance at every range and store. With that said, when you finish your 7.62 build, and it is successful. Please let us know. Might take that project on in the future.

I had heard that C-Products mags were the way to go for the 7.62x39 in an AR.

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I just finished a x39 build. ASC mags work, at least so far. The 10 rd Stoner mag I got is garbage. Nose of bullet dips in mag causing jams. Stay away from DPMS bolts, I has an issue with it being shallow. I had to cut .003 off the face just to get it to pass headspace gage. Then another .004 so it would fire reliably.
Had it out sat and did 2-30 rd mag dumps with 0 issues. I am using a .223 extractor in my bolt, just had to re contour the angle a bit to get it to snap over the x39 rim consistently.

Anyone have experience with this upper? Seems like a pretty good deal.

Just finished my 7.62x39 build.
Things to consider…
-Gisselle SSD trigger (drop in trigger had problems with light striking steel case ammo) $220
Or you can just get wolf 10lb trigger spring 5-10 bucks
-7.62 specific firing pin (only a few thousandths difference) to help with the light strike problem about $10
-ASC mags seem to work well for me
Mine fires every time now

I’m looking to build a 7.62x39 pistol upper. Does anyone have any suggestions on barrels? I’m new to the 7.62 world so please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d like to keep the barrel short… ideally 7.5" or something close to it.

Thanks in advance for feedback!



Just a couple options.


Thank you for your help!

I got that same setup no problems yet

I have a 7.62x39 upper and use a hybrid AR 15 bolt carrier group, my carrier is nickle boron and my bolt is nitrite 7.62x39 with enhanced firing. My barrel is is 10.5 inch barrel, i was having gas problems in the beginning considering i was using a carbine gas system to disburse some of the felt recoil. The issue i had was that the gas port on my barrel was to small and shallow, after a mag it would blow the gas block out of place. I bored out the gas port on the barrel and pinned the gas block and use c product magazines and wow. It kicks like a mule but really reliable now. If i had another opportunity I would consider 7.5 inch barrel with a pistol gas system. I went to the 10.5 carbine to be different. The flame ball is kool but really not practical in tactical situations

I built an AR in x39 for the same reason. That and I wanted to build another AR but I felt like it should be in a different caliber than 5.56 again.

I went with a 16" Radical upper from Primary arms and it looked good but the flash hider was cracked like it had been over tightened. I emailed Radical and they sent me a used flash hider to replace it. I’m sure it would have worked but I emailed Primary about the issue and they gave me a discount on a real muzzle brake from VG6.

I got the BCG from AIM with the enhanced firing pin and had both cycling and cosmetic issues with it. they exchanged it and I haven’t had any problems since. I do wish I had gotten the one from APOC as there are still cosmetic issues with this AIM BCG.

My magazines are ASC 30 rounders and my only complaint about them is the finish isn’t super durable, but the feeding is perfect.

Really once I got the different BCG it has been a really nice rifle. I like how it shoots and what is does downrange even better.


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I would consider making a carbine upper in the near future, I love the pistol but it would be more practical with a tax stamp sbr but i live in comifornia. lol

Just built one using the Apoc upper… came out super sick. Shoots everything into 2" at a hundred. Hasnt failed yet, nothing but super badass and reliable.

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The picture does not give it justice but i love this beast.