9mm AR Carbine Build (Glock magazine compatible)


Originally published at: https://www.arbuildjunkie.com/building-9mm-ar-carbine-pistol/

Can we build an inexpensive Glock mag compatible 9mm AR carbine and come away with something that compares with the B&T APC9 and other high-dollar 9mm blowback range toys?

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Hey, like this build. But was wondering if you had a New Jersey compliant AR9 build?


Not sure what it would take to be NJ compliant, but I have put together 2 AR9’s, one for me, one for wife. I have less than $750, in either one. Lotsa shopping around, and 80% lowers.[1535575583825|512x288](upl





I a trying to build one for cheep could you send me the list of parts you used?


For suppliers I used Classic firearms, lower parts kit and stock/buffer tube kit. 80% lower was a raw piece, either American made Tactical or a new frontier piece. Sourced handguard from DSG, also eBay has suppliers for handguards as low as 35$. Am getting barrels from Bear Creek Arsenal. Barrel nut either comes with free float handguard or from Classic Firearms. Muzzle brakes are another eBay or Amazon purchase. Didn’t put in ejection port doors or bolt advance. Mine are 80% raw upper and lower, and just spray bomb. Bolts, I have seen for $100 at Brownells. If using a standard carbine kit you will need a buffer spacer, New Frontier Armory. Sights have been a clearance TruGlo from Scheels, $60. If you don’t want a spacer in buffer tube then get buffer for 9mm use. Brownells/Classic/New Frontier. Prices change constantly and depending on your build goals. But shop around.