Absolute vs lower 1/3rd


I have flip up sights on my freefloat 16" rail. I have heard both that I should have absolute cowitness and that I should have lower 1/3rd. I have seen multiple arguments but it seems to me that absolute seems to be the way to go with my set up. Can you guys please weigh in before I purchase my red dot?

Thanks in advance.


Depends on how tall of a sight riser it is on. I have troy micros and with a standard size base on a red dot it is 1/3 cowittness. But that’s with micros, with full size sights it would probably be absolute. I prefer 1/3 but that’s just me.


I’m absolute, w/ flip ups. If the dot dies, I’m not readjusting for a sight picture. It also made it easier to sight both in… I understand the argument both ways, but that’s my preference