Aerospace Arms - At Your Service!

We’re new to this forum but since a lot of you AR builders have been buying components from us, we wanted to make ourselves available for any questions or requests you have.

We’re here at your service!



Thanks guys, glad you’re here!

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Glad to have you in the group

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I know they are far and few between, but do you guys sell/manufacture a 16" rail in any style?

15" but not 16". We’ll keep looking for you.

Fortis MFG has their Night Rail available in 16in KeyMod or M-LOK. I have it on mine and love it.

Yeah, looks like Fortis has it in stock. Pretty nice looking handguard. Our suppliers don’t have the Night Rail series in stock yet.

Thanks for the response. The inly thing I don’t necessarily love about the Night Rail is the points at the end. I have a large ar 15 muzzle brake to sit flush with the end of my rail. Hoping to avoid the gaps.