After 100 rounds will start short stroking, gas system is fine,new bolt carrier ,only piece not changed is buffer system.tried different magazines still happens.cleaned and fires great


Why is my weapon short-stroking after 100 rounds or so? Have new bolt carrier. Will function after cleaning. Buffer spring has not been replaced.


I had mine do that. Came down to me removing the o-ring on the extractor. Only thing I can think of is it swelled with heat, or cleaning chemical. Once I removed it, it was back to working fine. Figure it wasn’t releasing brass on ejection part of stroke, and slowed bolt speed by hitting edge of ejection port. File under the ‘weird’ shit category.


@Jmann At what angle are the casings being ejected when it is not short stroking vs when it is? Big difference or really close?

I’m at a loss but if you diagnose it please give us an update so we can have it in the archive. I’m also curious as hell to find out what would be causing this.

Good fortune that @Impenyless has has a similar strange issue and was able to give a possible explanation. Maybe we should make an official “Weird Shit” category on the forum :rofl:


When mine acted up, the ones that did eject were at 3 to 4 o’clock, like it should. But, they didn’t go far, and it finally got to the point of not releasing or ejecting. So, I had to manually cycle every round. Like I said, “weird shit”.