Ammmo Jams and bolt freeze

TOTAL Newb here so any help is greatly appreciated!! Had about 3-5 jams, several w/failure to load at different angles in the chamber and one that made it IMPOSSIBLE to get the bolt back. Needed RSO to butt slam it. I used 2 different Magpul mags and was only loading 3-6 rounds at a time. All full metal jacket target ammo. This was only the 2nd day using my APOC upper/PSA lower at an indoor range. day 1 put about 100 rounds through it, no issues. Day 2 (jam day) put about 200 rounds through it with jams occurring at ~150 and beyond. Ammo that jammed was American Eagle. Winchester didn’t seem to cause a problem. I believe that the 5.56 was the one that jammed not the .223. Upper is chambered in 5.56. Inspection of the BCG and chamber didn’t reveal anything to my newb eyes.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to inspect the cartridges or bullets. I did reload them post jam and they fired without a problem??

Thanks in advance.

Did you clean your rifle after day 1 of it shooting fine?

sort of…barrel snaked it, took apart BCG and wiped it clean, rag cleaned the chamber. I didn’t have solvent yet or any wire brushes of any kind. Oiled BCG and lower as recommended. The gas rings were kinda loose but not sure how tight they are supposed to be.

Best way to start to determine weather it is the lower or the upper is to try the upper on a different lower and go from there. Could be a few different things so that’s a great way to narrow it down.

UPDATE: Had it back on the range today. clean, wet and with properly loaded mags. NO jams with 150+ rounds. Hitting steel at 200y with a truglo red dot!! All seems good!!

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Direct Impingement (standard) ARs like to run really wet. There is a lot of heat buildup in the chamber and BCG as well as carbon buildup. Don’t be stingy with the lube, CLP is a good choice. Keep it wet, and put it away clean.

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Yes, Learning curve for me. A lot more to consider when compared to pistols for sure!!