Ammo for 300BLK pistol


I didn’t think I’d ever go for an AR pistol let alone 300BLK but the weirdness of the laws has made it sensible. I’m building an 8 1/2" trunk gun. It’ll be a long time before I get a suppressor and I don’t foresee using it beyond 50 to 75 yds. Given these parameters what load would the collective wisdom here recommend for a general purpose round? Subsonic? Supersonic? Bullet weight/type? Not really interested in making a flamethrower out of it so any powder recommendations that might minimize that would be helpful. I’m hoping for a factory load but since I already resize .223 brass for my 300HAM’R loading for the pistol is a possibility.


I have the same question. If you don’t me asking, how do you like the 300HAM’r? Looking to get set up for it.


I don’t mind at all. I really like the 300HAM’R. Better ballistics than 30-30. Very accurate to distances greater than I’m likely to engage. It doesn’t do subsonic. Bullet weight range 110g to 150g. Downside; factory ammo only available from Wilson Combat. Upside, it’s easy to resize .223 brass. I run 25gr of A1680 under a Speer 125gr TNT for 40 cents a round. I’ll be working up some loads with Speer 150 gr SPBT.


Thanks, I like the ballistics of the round. I have like four buckets of .223/5.56 range brass. I have plenty to go around between 300 blackout, .223/5.56, and 300 HAM’r . Now to buy everything for the 300 HAM’r.


Wilson Combat has Lee and RCBS dies. I use the Lee. Harbor Freight has a 2" tabletop cutoff saw that I use a Zep jig on ( ). This jig is fast and accurate and can be used for both 300AAC and 300HAM’R but I might get another saw and jig so I don’t have to switch setups. It’s either that or do a mass run of another 700 rds of 300HAM’R before I switch to 300AAC. The 300AAC pistol isn’t built yet so I have time.


the only serious factory round I use for anything 300 blackout related is the Barnes 110 grain Blacktip. For HD, hunting, SHTF…whatever. I’ve written on this topic extensively and talked to many, many professionals on the subject. They all concur.


One caveat regarding the 300HAM’R; I got a 16" barrel that grouped horribly, 6moa at best with the max load of 27.2gr CFE BLK under a Speer 125gr TNT. I loaded up 50 rounds with loads increasing by .2gr. The low end (26.4gr) produced a group that was looser than what my KSG shooting 00Buck can do. I did this after pulling the bullets on my last box of factory ammo and finding the powder weights varying by as much as .7gr. My gunsmith ran a borescope down the barrel and found tool marks running across the lands from a defective bore drill.


The pistol is built and I’ve tweaked the bugs out. The load that’s working exceptionally well is 17gr VV N110 under a Speer 125gr TNT @ 2.1 OAL. Single digit SD’s and very tight groups.