Anderson lpk missing parts


In Jan, I purchased two Anderson lpk’s direct from Anderson.

Broke some ribs in March, then got super busy at work, and yet again, had another injury a while ago where I suffered 2nd degree burns on my right arm while working on my hobby car.

Anyways, fast forward to today. Went to use the second lpk, and it is missing the mag catch spring.

Didn’t even think about looking at all the parts, just assumed with the organized ziplocks, and the fact that the first kit was all there, that everything would be there.

Hoping they come through and just send me a replacement spring.

I should have some spares, but I don’t. I mean, it isn’t one of the parts that wear out or you lose.

Looking back, I guess I should have inspected all the baggies, but I didn’t. I could just order a spring for $1-$2, but I shouldn’t have to. Shipping on a spring seems outrageous too. Was around $7 to ship a spring the cheapest I could find one.


Your best bet is to probably just buy a couple replacement parts kits.


I purchased an Anderson lpk last year around this time and the hammer had notches in it causing it tO be way out of spec. I’m not sure how this happened, and I’m sure it was an isolated incident, but when I took it back to my LGS, whom I have a good relationship with, the first question they asked me was had I done any home polishing/gunsmithing. This will not stop me from using Anderson, especially lowers, but it reminded me to inspect inspect inspect because sometimes you only have 15 days to return it.