Any experience with Sig as a side arm

What is y’alls thought/experience with the Sig modular pistols?

We are testing that platform at our department. We have a couple that we have deployed with deputies. 1 unit, I can’t remember if it was a 9 or a 40 has probably 20,000 rounds through it.
I use a 1911 platform and only shot it 100-150 times. It was different for me but I would carry it on duty.

Our armorers like the design? The versatility is great as far as changing grip sizes or caliber.
But one and shoot it for a while and give a review

Good Luck

Not LEO but got a P320 as gift. It is now my edc. Fits my hand great and has higher profile than g19. Most accurate pistol from day one for me and the trigger reset and travel is great.

Buddy bought a new mk25 9mm. We’ve both have had a extensive wide variety of firearms and after shooting it was not impressed at all. The trigger was very creepy, extremely long, the reset felt longer and trigger was fairly heavy. After spending another 300$ worth of trigger upgrades it was acceptable and felt like a trigger should normally feel. After having 1150$ into the gun and having to do that to make it feel more shootable he sold it in disgust. I’ve only owned 2 sigs, a sp2022 which was alright but kinda bulky, and a p938.

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I have a 229 Equinox. It has been great, aside from swapping grips to get it to fit my hands more comfortably. Short fat hands. The factory grip was just too wide. Looked good, but didn’t like the feel. Swapped it to the E2 grip, and now it is a great fit.

Can swap between .40/.357 sig.

Only thing I don’t really like much is the trigger, it just takes some time getting used to.

If your budget allows it the p226 is a beautiful shooting handgun. If not the sp2022(not a 22) is a great runner up along with the 320

Thanks for all the feedback guys appreciate it.

I started with a P250 9mm 2 gun set (Full & Sub Compact Sig 2SUM) because of the interchangeability and carry the SC. When I get home I change the gun over to full size having a Viridian Tac Light/Laser mounted to the rail and I put it in the nightstand. I really like this gun. The trigger takes getting used to but a lot of dry firing with snap caps helped me there. I’ve found the gun to be reliable and accurate. I like the availability of the extra capacity in the SC. I use a 15 round mag with a spacer/sleeve that takes up the room the bigger mag creates so with one in the spout I have 16 on tap.That’s a lot of firepower. If I feel the need for better concealment I use the 12 round mag.I just acquired a SC P320 last week because of the striker fire for faster follow up shots and the fact that I already have extra magazines and holsters to fit it - it’s the same platform as my P250.
The only downside I can see is the gun is thick but I’ve never had any trouble carrying it.

I have a few Sigs…P225 single stack 9mm, P220 SS Elite 45acp, and just added a P320c in both 9mm and .40 SW X-change kit. Love this modular set-up. Solid shooter and very accurate…No issues at all with FTF-FTE…Good luck.

I’ve only had one SIG, a 226 Elite in .40. It was a beautiful pistol but it was huge for what it was. That, and the price of magazines was expensive. Had it for a while and sold it off. I’d get another SIG if a deal came along, but it would have to be a good deal.

Look into a Sig Sauer P320, sub compact, compact, carry or full. Interchangeable barrels or Xkits, 9, 357, 40 and the big dog.45. Awesome shooter…Solid…or a P238, 239…lots of options. Good luck

USCG uses the SIG p229r DAK