Any suggestions for compensators or muzzle breaks?


What compensators or muzzle breaks everybody running? Looking for something unique but effective. I have an odin stainless barrel. Suggestions?


I have witt machine brakes with a flash suppression sleeve


Top is .30 cal, bottom is.22/556


A2 birdcage has never done me wrong. Although I really like the three prong.


It’s a great break, the spiral sleeve reduces muzzle flash considerably, without negating the effect of the break


Thank you for the responses. I will look into those. Sdfinn are those yours? What i mean is do you make them? The pictures look like you are in some sort of a metal shop. What is the cost?


Lol, that is my shop. But NO, they are not made by me. They are made by Witt Machine. They offered them at a ridiculous low price when they came out. So I got both 5.56 & .30cal. The stainless is .30


I think they’re $135 now. I honestly would have to visit their page to find out.