Anyone ventured into 22 Nosler?


Anyone built or have experience with 22 Nosler?
I built a rifle in 6.8 SPC that turned out great. 22 Nosler seems to be very similar in performance; maybe faster / flatter shooting.


I built a 22-250 upper with a 24 inch barrel in December for varmint hunting as it is a round i’ve become very familiar with over the years. When I found out about the new .22 Nosler round I kinda wish I had waited but I have a spare Aero upper from a build I built a couple of upward ago and changed over to the Aero enhanced upper and hand guard along with other parts that have been changed out or upgraded so all I need is a barrel and bolt.
I ordered a Shilen 24 inch barrel and a 6.8 SPC bolt matched to the barrel. It should be in sometime around mid May (maybe much sooner) as Shilen is just getting ready for the new caliber and reamers have to be machined and all quality control and other protocols have to be met beforeShelin will put their name on it. It’s a round that shows promise but only time will tell. I can’t wait to play with it, work up some loads and see what it can do.


It looks like .22 Nosler is just really starting to get onto the shelves now so real world experience is still largely limited to the gun writer crowd… Based on the suggested performance I would suspect it’s going to be a little hard on barrel life, but it appears to be like it’s larger cousin the .26 Nosler a very flat shooter…