APOC Armory sales and discount codes


https://www.slickguns.com/product/ super-bowl-sale-patriot-uppers-upper-build-kits-flip-sights-more -1?mobile=true


@thamlin thank you for posting this


How long will this last for, I’d love to grab a set of those sights. Do they only come in black?


I just looked and they are sold out. I should have bought those. I have an Apoc bcg and freefloat Keymod handguard and I love them. Apoc has become my favorite company.


We will get some more in, I can have marketing carry the sale over


Apoc has their black nitride bcgs for 90$ including tax and shipping. Just use code 10offnitridebcg and it’ll work. I just ordered mine. Never hurts to have a back up bcg. Especially when they’re black nitride and less than 100$’



Plus they are lifetime warranty no questions asked!


Anyway to get our name on a set of the sights when they do come back in?


You can actually go to our website and put your email, it notifies you the second they arrive. It’s faster than we can do it, the computer knows as soon as the sights arrive


Thank you. I have done that, just wasn’t sure if there was a better way.


I’m starting to dig apoc-short for apocalypse…lol. going to be my build house…Kewl


I believe you will enjoy their products.


My eyes are out for the 18"Paladin and a spike complete lowers…Vortex optics and Magpol furniture…Something simple, but shoots well over 300 meters effectively. That’s my goal Thanks for your feedback. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.


Noice…Sure will. Hey Andy, what’s your setup??? Upper and lower, add-ons, etc… I know you want a better trigger. Thanks


Necro thread for the win but… has anyone tried out their barrels?


AERO (BLEM) Upper Receivers $59.95 with FREE SHIPPING!






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