Apoc black nitride bcg 20 off


Use promo code APOCBCG and get 20 off their Black Nitride BCG…


Ordered one last night, shipped today :metal:t3::metal:t3::metal:t3:


Thoughts on the BCG? Thinking of procuring one …Thanks SRC


I have two. On the first one I ordered, I have no idea how many rounds I have through it now (thousands!!) but it’s a lot. I have taken it to a few carbine classes and ran it very hard. Zero issues. Minimal (normal) wear. It’s definitely a workhorse. The second one is in my new rifle with only about 100 rounds and seems exactly the same as the first. I like these as much as any other big name bcg. The second one is in my solgw rifle (sacreligous right???) that I plan on running extremely hard as well. I’m hoping to go to a sentinel concepts carbine class in a few months in my area (steve fisher) and run it raw. I have a few others and I’ve never had an issue with any (BCM, solgw), the only issue I’ve had so far was a premium PSA that they replaced for me and now I have no issue with that one.