APOC Rebel Upper Just Arrived

HI all,
My new APOC Armory upper (Rebel) just arrived and pretty nice. This is my first entry to the world of ARs so I can’t really comment on to many specifics but no damage, feels real solid and not bad at the price I got it. Now just waiting find a lower to match it to! Looking at PSA complete lowers (can’t beat the price) but also looking at buying stripped lower and building piece by piece.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/42c26ac20618ad71238510d7b5c85361acd72757.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”


Keep us updated, thank you for the business!


Will do! Too many options right now!!


Have you considered building your lower instead of buying a complete? The Apoc enhanced lower parts kit, buffer tube kit, and stripped lower are an easy way to start! Welcome to your new addiction man. YouTube has tons of videos to make it a pretty simple process. Look forward to seeing your finished rifle!!