AR 10 Questions


I currently have a Daniel Defence V7 that has a level of reliability that I am bored with, I also have a rifle that I built that I am working out the kinks. Soon I would like to get an ar 10 to add some more flavor to the mix.

From my personal experience, I have a bias to Daniel Defense and would not hesitate to pick up another one of their rifles, but after some research I have found a lot of people that have said that I could build a rifle that would match or exceed DD performance for the same price or less.
I would like to hear some opinions on that.

I am also keeping an open mind towards buying from another company if I can get top notch performance, without shelling out excessive amounts of money for little gain.

Any and all input is welcome, as I am relatively unfamiliar with all of the intricacies of the AR-10.


Personally, this is the list I go by. I have most of these, but if I could have any gun right now, period…it’s the Noveske N6 Switchblock.

Please note, price may be an issue with some of the guns listed. Also note, you can still have issues with any of the ones listed here.