AR-15 Nation is back!


I don’t know what they did or what happened, but it’s back up and running! Maybe we could do that too


Looks like it got gutted though! All Politically Correct now…


I hope this helps


That would be nice if we could go back.
I don’t know much about this new forum.
But I will learn if I have too


So I see. For some reason I had to re join. ?


Facebook can kiss my ass, I’m not going to follow their guidelines and tuck my tail between my legs. Id rather make this group bigger and better!


I agree. Stay here and not be effected by Facebook guidelines.


@royce, it might take a little getting used to but if you have any questions let us know. Also here is some basic info about how the site works: Read this -> How to use this site


Yeah but they took down the PA chapter in the same day