AR-15 or AR-10? A Build Junkie's Conundrum

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When it comes to ARs, the amount of choices are overwhelming. Rail systems, uppers receivers, lower receivers, bolt carriers, charging handles, triggers, barrel lengths, piston vs. DI, even different colors and finishes. But even more basic than these choices is the question we hear most often: “Do I build an AR-15 or go with an AR-10?”


What I learned from my AR10 experience; do not use carbine length buffer systems, do not use “mid length” gas systems. Use an adjustable gas block. They’re easy to build heavy. I found mine to be heavier than my M1A and less accurate to boot. If I ever build another I’ll start with a lightweight Faxon barrel.

@Dreamsinger Oh hell yeah, they can get massive. We carry the full line of Faxon AR-10 Barrels and the light ones, like the gunner profile are getting very popular for just that reason. They make them in .308 and now 6.5 Creedmoor.

I actually run a Faxon Gunner profile in 5.56 on one of my personal rigs and I absolutely love it:

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