AR Build DYI with 80% Lowers

Competed my first AR-15 lower from using the Easy Jig Gen 2. I had a large router so I needed the large plate adapter.
Read the directions and watched the videos on line. All great info. I think it turned out great! Easy to do and did it in one night. I used a drill press for the holes that were needed. Definitely use cutting fluid instead of WD40.
Trigger opening is a little out of shape but doubt it will impact fit or function.

Will be doing the lower kit install nex!

Atta boy. Have done a few, myself. Is all a learn by doing. :sunglasses:

Looking good. Welcome to 80%ers. I’ve done 5 with their gen 1 jig. All turned out great. The trigger hole is always a bit of an issue. When you’ve extended the bit that far down it wants to wander a small amount. Hurts nothing but pride.
Happy shooting.