AR lower vise block - $8 shipped

$8 via Paypal shipped to your door.

Solid (almost 8oz) and very durable- my friend used one for his build and now uses it as a spacer between his floor jack and truck frame! You could give it to mom or a female family member to put in a gym sock as a personal defense weapon to whack somebody over the head with (just sayin’, but not 100% guaranteed)

Note: this does not work on the AR-10 platform. I have vise blocks coming shortly which I will be keeping in stock.

I have upper/lower vise blocks that I sell for $18 but the “vise block combos” sell very quickly.

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just bought one. can’t wait to get it!

website is

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Just bought last set in stock

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I just packaged your order and will be dropping it off before work. I adjusted my inventory. I have inventory but it’s hard to put inventory aside for Facebook groups, the website, and for Craigslist/Armslist.

Thank you for your order.

I need an up lower combo please PM me on fb if possible