Ar newbie fixing to build


Hello everyone,havent seen the need for an ar in the past but,seeing the way our prez has been acting,i figured it was time to build me an soon as i get my refund,im going to jump in.thanks for having me


Glad to have you in the group


Thanks,good to be here


We’re here to help. Once you finish one build, you’ll be itching to build the next!


That’s an understatement. Lol


Thanks for the welcomes


Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. There are a lot of people on here with a lot of knowledge that are ready to help you out.


Have fun. I just built my first and it was a blast!


Welcome to the addiction.


Definetly an addiction, but hell there are worst addtictions in life. Enjoy your first build, I have enjoyed all of mine thus far. Welcome!


Thanks for the welcomes,sorry i havent been on here lately.waiting for the rifle to arrive


ok guys,the kit arrived yesterday,going to put it together this weekend


Good luck and take your time, any questions we are always here


thanks,appreciate the backup


Post a pic when it’s done


Sure will,thanks…


Got her done yesterday


Gotta love the scary black rifle


Hell yea,makes me tremble just looking at it lol


awesome build! my build went together very easy just had an issue with the barrel nut and barrel wrench. my wrench having a thick coat of paint studs would fit in holes, while I adding pressure to the 40 foot pounds my wrench flared some of the holes. I’m searching for another wrench that will fit better for my future builds.