AR Platform Pistol Builds

Show your Pistol builds with a summery of your parts list. Information and good ol fashion advice on building a pistol on the AR platform.


Here will be my 300blkout pistol. I was too impatient to wait on other parts so I slapped the trigger group in with spare parts.
So far the Hiperfire 24c Trigger, Spikes Tactical lower, Pearce 1911 grip, Cross Machine Tool Co. Upper and just a hexmag to showcase. Undecided on other parts… And once all parts are in the rail and receivers will be coated wold grey.


Pierce 1911 grips. Nice touch

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Thank you! It’s so comfortable and with that trigger it’s top notch… This build can’t be finished soon enough!

Looking good. I’m also using Spikes Tactical for my lower build, slowly but surely coming together.

here is mine so far 300BO hoping for it to be done by next week