Ar15 and Variant Build Pic's




20" 5.56 Frankenbuild
Barrel: BCM 20" 1/7 gov profile
Gas system: BCM low pro
Muzzle device: VG6 Epsilon
Rail: Midwest Industries Lighweight 15"
Bcg: BCM M-16
Charging handle: BCM Gunfighter Med
Recievers: Midwest Industries forged
Optic: SWFA SS1-6 HD w/throw lever
Scope mount: American Defense Recon QD
Trigger: Velocity 3lb
Grip: Magpul MOE+
Stock: Magpul Moe Rifle


300 blackout with 8.5 barrel and varmentor 3.0 suppressor. In the processes of making it SBR. Have to send it out for engraving yet.


This is my first build so far. I’ve still got some work to go on it.

Spikes Crusader lower
Seekins ambi-selector
Trojan Firearms drop in adjustable trigger set at 3.5lbs
Aletheia Defense Premium BCG
Aero Precision freedom upper
Strike Industries FA
Engraved dust cover w/ USMC, EGA and Flag on one side/ Semper Fidelis on inside
Magpul ACS stock
Hogue ergo grip
16" LaRue Stealth barrel system in 5.56
Ares Armor Effin’ A muzzle brake
Ares Armor 12" Rail


How do like the scope? Last I looked all they had were fixed power. Nice looking rig.


That one looks really light.


Uploading… almost done



Looks like South Bay Rod and Gun.


Looks good. I like the Harpe upper.




What handguard is that?


ALG defense EMR v2 13"


Hahaha I was like “where”!?

That it is! Great place to put holes in paper!


Here’s my baby I took her from plain Jane to this and I really like it now . My next project is a AR10 or something in 308<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/2e8dfe0f65bdea14b42414066f6723ed0ed0d57b.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”,


My “build”. Lol, still in the works.


wife having some fun out at 500 yards… She’s a better shot than me lol.


Work in progress


Thanks! I like it too. The guys at Ares Armor hooked me up.