Ar15 and Variant Build Pic's


It’s a addiction for sure


I haven’t finished this build yet and I am already planning my next… needless to say my wife hates this addition :relaxed:


Im sure she does, just tell her they are for her


Im already plaining on what im changing out from the riffle kit . I got lucky my wifes mom is anti gun my wife kept a open mind and went shooting and loves it. We already agreed I can buy or build a gun once a year to every other year and im slowly getting her hooked


Happy wife, happy life…Nothng ryhmes with husband…


I do this every time. She thinks I have one AR and she has the other 3 haha


300 Blackout I tossed together from the parts bins.


niccceeee. love the first one fur sure!


Just finished my first build today… ran like a dream!


Looks good bro, what optic are you gonna run on it?


I was thinking a Vortex Spitfire II for now. Unfortunately, the only public range that had the capability to allow you to reach out to longer distances near me has been closed “indefinitely”. So I’m limited to 100 yards and less right now unless I want to kiss butt and join a local gun club which involves me volunteering at the range for god knows how long. And on top of that they have a long waiting list just to get into an orientation class because of the public range closure. /EndRant


My Lady


Wow, that is beautiful


Updated pic, finally got my upper


My first AR build… kind of.


I have to ask, does the gap between the cookie cutter and the handguard bother you?


Awesome picture,very cool.


No, only because that is where I had to tighten it on. if I didn’t have a gap at all it would have been impossible to tighten completely. At first I definitely thought it would. But I never really notice it honestly. Especially since this is Odin Works’ 15.5" rail so it helps a little with the gap.


My first rifle, Patriot Ordnance Factory lower, APOC Patriot upper. Cheap bipod that is mounted to a pretty slick keymod adapter (Impact Arms).


Looking good, nice colors.