Ar15 and Variant Build Pic's


What brand magazine is that? I really like that
This is my most recent. Waiting for my rail to get in. Then a magpul stock and a flash hider I received in my tacpak subscription from CBC.


looks like a hexmag to me


Yes the mag on mine is indeed


80%arms lower
specopmfg upper - 300 blackout 10.5"



Those folding buffer kits are badass!


Here is one I built for my daughter


Good looking guns everybody


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This is one of our new shop builds… WWW.USPATRIOTARMORY.COM


Glock 9mm 80% Pistol



Here’s a couple of mine


Couple of mine, one that gave me a ton of over gassed trouble. CBC 14.5 pin/weld with linear compensator, pistol length gas. Spikes lower. Vortex Spitfire 3x
T3 heavy buffer(heaviest spikes had available) coupled with a red springco buffer spring slowed it down enough to function. I think .50-1.00 in quarters could put the brass ejection in the optimal position.


Here is one of my favorites, 16" 7.62x39 on a Spikes Honey Badger lower and a RRA upper.


This is my EDC pistol. 300 Blackout with a Law Tactical folder. My usual carry is folded in a backpack.


Is my newest build. 224 Valkyrie, 22in barrel