Ar15 not fully cycle round into battery and lite primer strike after 2nd or 3rd round is fired

Weapon is 16" carbine. Bcg is spinta angle cut nitride. The bcg an buffer an spring all operate freely with out hesatation. Bcg dropped down upper in vertical position not hindered an locks into battery by its own weight properly. Gas tubes all seem to be properly an fully seating into gas key. Chamber checked an is go. Gas tube marked and verified. Gas tube checked an tight over barrel vent. This only happens in F/A position. In semi weapon functions correctly an cases land approx 6ft away at 2oclock. At this point I think gas port(.082 now) using wolf military classic (5.56) 62gr FMJ. What do you folks think the problem is. Please no rude remarks about F/A or steel Ammo.

Have you tried different ammo? Just curious as that is probably the easiest thing to test from here.

Yes. Tried Tula 62gr and some American eagle 55gr and some M193 mil. Same with all. Also lubed it till almost dripping an it did a lil better but still basically same issue. Thot upper mite be to tight but mic’d it and it’s correct. Have 2nd weapon here now with same exact issue. Different upper. Rest is same. Don’t have mic here to check BCG. They mite be oversize. Does it after 2 or 3 bursts.

By your testing, it seems the bcg is the issue. Do you have a different bcg you can use to test?

I was going to ask the same thing

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ok issue has been solved it turns out that the BCG were the issue as they are just a few thousands oversize. ill contact sprinta to let them know. a little lapping of them resolved issue after using mic against two otherBCG from other sources. i also solved in resolveing this issue got a answer to my question from another post where i was looking for some info about buffer/spring required for a AR-15 in 7.62x39.for constant function. the answer there seems to be the car-15 buffer and the car-10 spring that the seems to have resolved it.