Assembled upper issues/review

So, I have 2 reviews of assembled uppers I have ordered in the last few weeks.

First, CBC industries.

Ordered an upper with Hera arms lightweight handguard.

Was shipped in a decent amount of time, came assembled correctly. Was light, barrel seems to be of good quality, considering the price.
416R ss.

The Hera Arms handguard is light. I mean really light. Including the barrel nut was something around 8 oz I think. I know it is less than 10 as the 15" I had installed on another build was about 10.

The bad…

Ordered 1 in 8 barrel. Came with 1 in 9.

Customer service apologized, I mean apologized alot, and seemed genuinely sincere. Sent return shipping label immediately. Also said they would hook me up with a free window’d mag.

Sent out mid to end of last week, got it back today.

They included the free mag, and it is now 100%. Issues happen, it is how a company handles them that matters.


PSA, everyone says they are great. They had an Easter sale, so I ordered a 16" m4 profile 1 in 7, with keymod upper.

Came in yesterday, ordered friday night. Super quick shipping, no build time.

Upon opening the box today, found the handguard would rock back and forth.


While waiting for the customer service rep to find my order, unthreaded it. No grease, no antiseize, nothing.
He didn’t seem to care a whole hell of a lot. Said that they expect that they SHOULD be assembling it properly with grease, and torquing it. I asked to just get a wrench sent out in correct size for the barrel nut. He said it has to come back in to be repaired. Asked if anything can be done about the inconvenience factor…
NO. Said it is a warranty issue, so all they can do is fix it.

The upper was not really light by any means, but not heavy. Average I guess. Handguard seemed to be of decent quality, but seriously a completely loose barrel nut. Had an inspected by number. He requested that.

I mean, c’mon. If I was an idiot and slapped it on a lower, went to the range… Well, you can guess what catastrophic failure it might have seen.
Instead of sending out a new inspected upper, it has to go through their repair process. Adding more time most likely.
And nothing to grease the situation towards me.

Had to call back to get the ups label re-sent, I dunno where it was sent to, or if it was even sent, but it definitely did not make it to me.

I would definitely buy from CBC again, at least everything was assembled correctly, just wrong twist rate. They went above and made it right, and comped a mag. Respectable.

PSA, I dunno. Not sure if I would buy another assembled anything from them after this.

Has anyone else had issues like this with PSA, or any other company?


Thank you for the reviews

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I will likely do a better review once I get to shoot them, I have a few other builds I need to shoot too. I may not give great reviews, but I will try nonetheless.

Currently have a couple broken ribs, one is broken in 2 places, so need to try to heal before going to the range.

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Thanks a million for the initial impressions! I’m not super familiar with CBC but I have experienced and read about inconsistencies with Palmetto State and come to accept that is just the way it is with them but I didn’t realize how inflexible their customer service is.

Again, thanks for the review and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for any follow-up info :+1:


I ordered a complete 20" upper from CBC last year and have about 200-300 rounds through it and haven’t had any real issues. The Hera arms ultra thin gets very hot very quick,


Yea, I kind of figured the Hera Arms handguard would get hot quickly. Normally when I go to the range I bring at least 5 firearms with me, that allows for decent cool down time. Started doing this about 10 years ago after I only brought one pistol with me, put about 100 rds in roughly half hour, and the innards of the case melted a little bit, lol.

Update about Palmetto and my issues…

Contacted them today as I could see they received the upper in question, and they gave no RMA or reference number. There is nothing in my account about it or anything…

The guy on the phone said normal turn around time is about 10 business days. There is no way to track progress other than to call. He said that it was a very dangerous mistake, yet still nothing to help out the inconvenience. I explained that it was not an issue that arose during use, but it was upon un-boxing. Still nothing, no way to expedite the “repair” or anything. I guess I should have just fixed it myself as he said they will basically just torque it “good” to spec and send it back out. So they likely won’t add any grease to the threads or anything.

:angry: SMH.

I wish we could get reps from these sellers/manufacturers here. This review could easily sway me from this company.


I completely agree.

I belong to a truck forum, and there we have reps on board, I mean everything from the manufacturer, dealers, tire companies (who have been VERY helpful in resolving issues), down to parts companies etc…

Here we only have Apoc on board as far as I know, but I have not had any issues with any of their stuff.

I could understand if it were just a loose handguard or the wrong barrel like the CBC.

I do understand that mistakes can happen, but this is not a minor mistake. With how modular the platform is, I could easily see some Joe Schmoe getting this and slapping it on a lower, then a few rounds later having a very bad failure causing injury.

Considering when I look at most of PSA uppers it lists “and test fired”, this should have gained more attention from them.

I asked the guy today about it, and he said that it most definitely was not test fired as that would have been noticed. The entire way they have handled it just doesn’t sit well with me.

A buddy ordered the exact same package from PSA, I picked his up from him and inspected it, as he is that Joe Schmoe who wouldn’t even know anything was wrong. Currently assembling his lower.

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That’s exactly the reason why (in my mind) I took a chance on Apoc’s BCG. The presence of Travis on the FB forum and the overwhelming amount of solid reviews, plus the availability and customer service. I would have never ordered from them just because I had never heard of them, especially living so far away from them.
Now I have ordered multiple things (waiting on my shirt to arrive :wink:) and will continue to order.

I was literally just looking at a .308 blem upper from psa but to be honest, I don’t appreciate how iffy the customer service is, and I will continue to wait for another sale elsewhere.

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Exactly. I have a few of their NiB bcg’s, and an upper from them. Travis was great to talk to also, I called and chatted before ordering as I hadn’t heard of them, and they were so far away from me. He seems like a great guy, and a great company to deal with as well.

I am that guy that seems no matter what I do I get the issues, doesn’t matter truck, appliances, guns etc… I am used to it. Normally customer service from almost any company dealing with AR parts is great.

Strike Industries was great when I had safety screws strip. Even upgraded me to the 60°/90°…

Mcduffee was great when I had a few lowers with rear take-down pin issues. Even called me back on a Saturday when they were closed, and sent parts out asap.

High Velocity Arms was great when I had an issue with an AMR, even sent out the Gen III before it was up for sale yet, and included an extended release button.

I will be doing a few reviews on their products in a while, was just waiting for enough testing first, but so far their customer service has been outstanding.

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So, I got curious today, had not received any messages from PSA. I called, they shipped it out, never sent tracking. I was told they would contact me first. I asked at the time because depending on what the shipping time frame looked like I was going to have it shipped to work.

Nope. Only got a “Well, sorry about that, but it will be delivered tomorrow.”

So now I am not sure if it is coming to my billing, or the original ship to address. Guy just said my city when I asked and I was kind of irritated so I just said OK, thanks.

On a positive note, it will be here (wherever that is) today.

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Upper came back yesterday. Seems they corrected the issue, and I can now see they at least used lube on the barrel nut thread, or maybe they just coated it with lube after. Who knows. There is now a film all over it around the handguard to upper area.

Tried to install a keymod forward assist grip and had a bitch of a time getting the mounting hardware to actually slide into the keymod holes. I am just thinking that PSA in general lacks quality. Then again, I guess they are fairly cheap parts price wise.

Lesson learned.

Hey there,

How long did it take for CBC to ship the upper? They said 8-10 business days to ship it out (it’s now day 10). I have sent them email asking if I should just get a barrel, hand guard, gas block, and flash hider, since I have a spare upper reciever, but they didn’t respond. It’s not making me feel super confident that it will show up, but your post has calmed my nerves a bit.

They were fairly quick all the times I have ordered from them. One time it was about 14 days, but they were down a guy due to a vacation.

I would just call them if I were in your shoes, they were really easy to find out answers to my questions on the phone.

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It’s funny. I’ve had the exact opposite experience. CBC Sent me junk and wouldn’t stand by it, and everything I’ve ever gotten from PSA has been good. Here’s what CBC Industries send me: Click Here.

That sucks. They should have seen the marks on the hand guard during assembly. Definitely not the same as my experiences with them.

I just wanted to post here that I did receive the upper (300 BLK,Hera quad rail) from them and I really like it. It’s been shot by several people and everyone loved it as well. They had a sale on their gen2 Keymod and I bit. I’m also very pleased with it.

I can’t speak highly enough about CBC!

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Interesting…I had the exact same thing happen: ordered a 16" 5.56 upper in 1:8 from CBC and received a really nice, well made upper in 1:9. I talked to Jason at CBC, and while they have 1:8’s in stock, he tried to talk me out of the 1:8, saying that the 1:9 was really better for my application?!? I like CBC quality, prices and their communication during the sales process, but this issue seems a little suspect. Is purposely shipping something other than what was ordered a common thing with them?

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Was this recently or a while ago?

They did hire a bunch more people and now have a dedicated person to handle issues.