At least it uses AR-15 parts. ;)

My trusty 10/22 VLEH using a Guntech stock and Magpul grip. The chassis is by PMACA. They only had bronze in stock but I really don’t like it so I’ll Duracoat it and the tube from the stock Ultra Flat Tactical Gray this weekend. Coating some AR Parts as well, they’ll look good together.


Post pics of the finish for both when done! Cool little set up man.

Damn man, that is one sweet looking 10/22! I’ve been doing AR’s now for so long, I’ve forgotten just how much h fun I have with mine. I’ve almost done with my latest build and I’ve GOT do one for my daughter and then I’ll be back into Glocks ND 10/22’s. Now that I can get .22 a.mmo again, it’ll be good to get back into them. Sweet rifle bud.

Okay, all done. The scope is a cheap Tasco I found in a cabinet. Tossed it on to see how it looked. Once I decide on a better scope I’m sure I can get one a good bit smaller with the zoom range I want. An angled fore-grip and a bipod for the bench and it will be complete. Not an AR but I did also complete a .300 Blackout at the same time, see new thread.



That’s bad ass Ar or not