Barrel & Buffer Combo

This is my first build and I have a question about the compatibility of a buffer kit and AR 15 barrel. I have an 18” .223 Wylde barrel and just bought a “Mil-Spec carbine buffer tube, standard carbine recoil buffer, recoil spring”.

Will this carbine buffer kit work with the 18” barrel?
Thanks for the assistance.

Yep. Barrel length won’t make a difference for the buffer group. You could have a 24" barrel with a collapsible stock if you wanted.

The carbine buffer group is most typically associated with a collapsible stock. A rifle length buffer group is more commonly associated with a fixed buttstock, like an m16a2

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Thanks for the response

What 18Barrel combo did you go with? A complete upper?

You want to match the buffer and spring to the gas system on the barrel. If you have a carbine gas length barrel than you match that to the carbine buffer and spring. If the barrel has a midlength gas system than you have some more flexability for heavier springs and buffers. You will want to google “dwell time.” SpringCo Springs has some good info on their website about buffer springs. Please use caution when using youtube. They are more concerned with clicks, likes and sponsorship than your personal safety.

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