Barrel Cryogenic

Need some opinions is having your barrel Cryogenic frozen worth the added expense? This is my 2nd build and I’m using an APOC TITAN Upper 20"??

Didnt even know you could do that, lol. Sounds bad ass though!

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Supposedly, it will take all stresses out of the barrel meaning that as the barrel gets hot it won’t “warp” towards or away from the stress points inherent in the metal. That should keep the barrel on zero from the first round out to the point that it starts sagging from being red hot! It also toughens it a bit by lining up the martenistic crystals in the metal.


This guy knows how to do it :
James Reed
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300 Below, Inc.
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About $50 but your barrel will last for ever and accuracy will improve if you have the light weight barrels. Reccomended for older Mini 14. Its like night and day.