Barrel length question

I am in the middle of a new build, and want to make it a long distance gun. I know the longer the barrel, the more stable the round, but I want to get opinions on what AR 15 barrel lengths seem to be better. I am looking at lengths between 18" and 24". The rifle will be 5.56/.223. Thanks!

18" .223 Wylde in 416R stainless with mid-length gas = titties

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How long a distance you want? When I took the Designated Marksman course we used M16A4’s with 20" barrel. Iron sights out to 600 yards with decent sized groups. 18" should’ve good for 600 as well.

600-800 yards is the distance that I would like to reach out to. Thanks again!

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I can’t deny the 18" wylde is the bvest barrel!

Stick with the 18" bbl, I went to a 24" bbl for varmits at 500-800 yds my buddy with his 18" was matching me shot for shot. Save some weight, a long day hunting and you would wish you had the shorter bbl.

Thanks for the opinions and help! You all have helped me make a decision. 18" it is, unless I find a 20" for a price I can’t pass up.

Please let me know what you end up with. I would appreciate it. I have read reviews on Bear Creek Arsenal Barrels from many world famous shooters and Marksmen and am amazed at the quality and the accuracy for a relatively inexpensive barrel. With an 18" barrel with Sierra King 77 grain Ammo, several showed groupings that were covered by a quarter at 100 yards. They all recommended against any fluting as the non fluted barrel is stronger.

I will be in the market for one after I get paid next month. I wouldn’t recommend shopping at Classic Firearms. Really nice people and good prices on the barrels right now at 20% off but when you go to check out, there is the catch. The shipping is outrageous. I talked to one of the guys there and he said that is the shippers pricing. I didn’t ask any more questions as I have shipped with USPS, UPS AND FED EX. And none of them were close to $26.36 for one 18" barrel. Needless to say I cancelled that order. I told him that for 1000 rounds which ways a ton at the highest place I have bought from is $22.00. He said it their shippers software that sets the cost. I apologized because they are really nice people and have great reviews everywhere I looked but I am disabled and on a really tight budget ant can’t afford their shipping prices. I felt bad but lots of people sell the Beer Creek Arsenal barrels for the same price.

So, please let me know what you end up with, Quality of finish and accuracy. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!