BCG wont go in new upper- please help THE DA newbee!


Hello All,
Its me, the DA newbee, new to the forum and new to building ARS.
Problem: just recieved my new completed upper with 20" ss wylde barrel.
When I tried to insert the BCG + CH they would only go in about 1 1/2", tried another BCG set, same issue. On lower or not.
IS there something I’m forgetting?
I have emailed co.( dont take calls at this time) but no response yet.
Any Ideas appreciated!


Sound like the receiver could be out of spec


Not trying to sound stupid here, but you are putting the charging handle in first I hope… the upper has a little cut out where the charging handle goes in then you can insert the BCG group in the undercut side of the charging handle then they both should slide forward into the upper


Yes just YouTube how to install a BCG into an AR15. Lots of great videos showing how to do everything build related.


Thanks Keith and Mike. That did the trick. I have 2 AR’s that both only require sliding the BCG and handle in from the rear already assembled, provided the extractor is fully extended. Being new to the platform, I believed that way to be correct. This set is diffrent and requires the CH set in it’so groove first. Thanks for the help.