BCM upper or Vltor MUR Modular with H-Bar Barrel

Hey everyone I’m planning to go with the 16" H-BAR CARBINE BARREL WYLDE 1:8 2-TONE SPIRAL FLUTED | MATCH .223/5.56 from Cobra Tactical Systems
Link to Barrel for specifics

so my next question is I’m debating between the BCM M4 upper receiver and the Vltor MUR Modular Upper. The barrel I’m looking at says it has the M4 style feed ramps and i know the BCM upper has the M4 feed ramps also, however the Vltor does not. I’m wondering though can i still use this barrel with the Vltor because it seems most of the barrels I’ve came across have the M4 style feed ramps?

The only input I have is that that barrel seems like it is a Bear Claw from BCA http://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/barrels/16-bear-claw-1-9-twist

They also offer it in 1 in 8 twist, but are currently out of stock.

Seems to have the same specs, aside from the moa rating. I have seen a few companies re-sell the BCA for about the same price.

Cobra lists at the bottom a 1 in 9 may ship if the 1 in 8 is out of stock also, which is iffy. If you want a 1 in 8, and get a 1 in 9, I don’t think you would be all to happy.

I searched on Cobra’s site, and they also list the golf ball type “dimpled” fluting, which I know BCA also makes, and the specs match on that barrel too.

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I’ve had some issues with cobratac, tho they were all remedied.

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