Be careful buying online

As it reads, be careful buying online.

Lately I have been buying a lot of parts online. Nothing else has been out of the ordinary.

Credit card numbers including the cvv2 code have somehow been taken by someone and used to purchase enough office supplies that it was noticed.


I buy a lot online. I always get nervous especially when outside of my home purchasing anything. These folks (kids) are very smart these days and can do anything with a computer. Any website in particular that you would like to share? The reason I ask that is I have ordered stickers and shirts from recommended sites on Facebook and that always raises the most suspicion to me.

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I have not been able to track which site may have caused the issue. I tried attaining an order number from the card company, at that time they said they could escalate the issue and get me in contact with the fraud investigation team. At that time I just said nevermind as they are not holding me responsible for the charges.

I am just glad that I looked at recent activity.

Generally I try to use paypal at any site that offers it as a payment service. I wish more sites used it. I would and have payed 3% more to cover the fees on a site that uses it vs a site that doesn’t.

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So, Monday was odd. Had a new card of course, but there was a shipping slip taped to my window saying a package was by my trash can… Which nothing was there. It was dark, and sprinkling, but nothing to be found

Called and the card company wasn’t too concerned, they thought it might be from one of my orders and I may have been missing a package, but nothing had shipped yet.

Really peculiar.

FF to today, found a box behind my barn all water logged. Inside is a box marked HP. It is also soaked. The box was open, poured water out of it. T-storms lately. Called the CC company back to ask wtf I should do with this thing. They said I can store it for reference, throw it away, whatever I want. O.o. Goofy.