Bear Creek Arsenal Complete Rifles

AR-15 Complete Rifle, 20" 416R Stainless Steel Heavy Barrel, Straight Fluted, 6.5 Grendel, Rifle Length Gas Systen, 1:8 Twist w/ 15" MLOK Rail…they have this listed for $459. I’m not a cheap skate, but very new to the AR life. This would be my first, and I’m on a budget but want quality within that budget. I’m also considering Radical Firearms for a complete rifle in the same 6.5 Grendel. It’s quite a bit more expensive. Please help me out here. Thank you all.


BCA is not a bad option if you want an entry level rifle but they don’t have a great reputation for customer service incase you do have issues and they’ve also been involved in some controversies about hiring illegal immigrants. Their BCGs also don’t have the best reputation for reliability of longevity. But at the end of the day I’m sure the rifle will function just fine. They do test fire each one prior to shipping.

There is also the idea that if you’re going with a 20" 6.5 Grendel, you want to go long range and the two things that will really help with that is an upgraded trigger and a solid comfortable stock with consistently repeatable cheek weld.

I’ll make another post shortly with some alternative recommendations that you might want to consider.

So for the recommendation. I’d get a separate complete lower and complete upper. For the complete lower, I’d get a configuration like this:

I have that lower pre-configured for the basics plus a Magpul SL stock (solid lock-up and good cheek weld) and a Hiperfire Sharp Shooter Trigger. You can play with the configuration as you see fit. Use 25-OFF-200 to save $25 at checkout.

Next I’d get a complete upper from PSA. Here is one that seems to be really well reviewed (disclaimer this is an affiliate link that supports the forum):

I have only purchased BCA Barrels and I’ve had no problem with the ones I purchased. Good quality for an incredible price. The pricing is just incredible in comparison to other companies and for the few times a month I get to shoot…something BCA barrels are perfect for my needs and wallet.

I agree. BCA barrels are a great value assuming you don’t get hung up on some of the controversies they’ve been involved in. Their BCGs are not the greatest, weak extractors and sub-par finish among other issues. Given the track record with Grendel bolts in general, I’d advise staying away from a cheap bolt. Besides, my recommendation was more in regards to the lower. If you get a complete rifle from them, you’re getting a lower that has a mil-spec trigger and cheap-o stock. And assuming the OP wants to do some long range precision shooting, the crappy trigger and stock will hamstring his efforts.

I have had fairly good luck, with my dealings with BCA. Have gotten bolts,5.56 and .224 Valkyrie, some uppers and barrels. Only once did they not have a barrel in stock, and they upgraded it to a spiral fluted one for me and tossed in a shirt for the inconvenience. So, from my point of view, I have received good treatment. :-):slightly_smiling_face: