Best AR 15 build kit


Hey guys:
I’m looking to build another kit rifle. What are some recommendations for the best build kits available?


Aero Precision has some really good prices on their lower kits. They have a complete lower build kit for $112. That’s everything you need to complete a stripped lower. You can find build kits with magpul grip and trigger guard as well if that’s what you looking for. I personally like their lower build kit with out the trigger or grip so I can add the trigger and grip I want.


Guess I am a cheap skate, I have gotten by with lower parts kits from classic firearms, am kinda fond of their ‘enhanced’ kit, has a nice grip, for $50, and buffer/stock kit for $25. Pick what works for you and shop around. :slight_smile:


Build kit or lower parts kit?


We have lower build kits from $59.95 all the way up to $149

AERO Precision lower build kit $99.95

Anderson Lower Build Kit $74.95

Magpul Lower Build Kit $99.95

Mil Spec Lower Build Kit $59.95