Best AR 15 build kit

Hey guys:
I’m looking to build another kit rifle. What are some recommendations for the best AR 15 build kit that are available?

Aero Precision has some really good prices on their lower kits. They have a complete lower build kit for $112. That’s everything you need to complete a stripped lower. You can find build kits with Magpul grip and trigger guard as well if that’s what you looking for. I personally like their lower build kit with out the trigger or grip so I can add the trigger and grip I want.

Guess I am a cheap skate, I have gotten by with lower parts kits from classic firearms, am kinda fond of their ‘enhanced’ kit, has a nice grip, for $50, and buffer/stock kit for $25. Pick what works for you and shop around. :slight_smile:

Build kit or lower parts kit?

We have lower build kits from $59.95 all the way up to $149

AERO Precision lower build kit $99.95

Anderson Lower Build Kit $74.95

Magpul Lower Build Kit $99.95

Mil Spec Lower Build Kit $59.95

I used Anderson Manufacturing LBK on my last rifle, then added a Magpul grip.

PSA, Palmetto State Armory Complete Lower is probably what I will use for my next build, then add an upgraded grip (large hands). You can find them on sale on the website for as low as $129. Then I will spend what I can afford on a higher grade complete upper assembly. The likes of BCM, Larue, Rock River Arms, DD, etc. with a 20"-24" barrel chambered in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. Many good drop-in trigger assemblies available. Isn’t it fun? I have to do it on a budget.