Best brands of barrels for badass builds


I’d love to see your builds and hear what feedback you guys have on barrels you’ve purchased for different build types (lightweight, duty/work, range toy, etc.) to help guys make the right choice for their build.


I’ve had good luck with Green Mountain and Dezarms for pencil profile retro style rifles. My next barrel might be from Lilja barrels, going custom :slight_smile:


This was my first build FN Barrel and toolcraft bcg. the lower parts kit from apoc


Should have gone with the APOC CHF Barrel and APOC BCG also made by Toolcraft . Just my opinion, non bias of course lol.


I like apoc milspec triggers but i have to say i love the chromelined barrell…but i would never buy another one… I would only stick to nitride or chf barrels now that i have done some research


We move alot of Faxon’s pencils and have gotten 100% positive feedback from customers on them.


I was going to get a Faxon gunner barrel from TNTEsales a while back but at that time the journal wasn’t long enough for a proper A2 front sight block. They’ve since lengthened it on the gunner models.

I’d love it if I could send a barrel and request a bolt face for Faxon’s ARAK system, I want to do something different than they’re currently offering but the system is so proprietary I can’t. Such is life :slight_smile:


I have Faxon 16in Flame Fluted Barrel on my week old build, I am loving it so far!


look for a CHF (cold hammer forge). Also .223 Wylde chambering translates to better accuracy in my experience, while still allowing both 223 Remmy and 556 NATO ammo sources. Currently working on a CHF, .223 Wylde, 18" middy-gas, full-length free floater on Bi-Legs for as an LRP rifle setup. Probably going to convert to piston since its on pods and isn’t going to be used as an ammo-gulping mag-dumper, so handguard heat build-up won’t be an issue. Good luck with the build. Cheers