Billet or forged?

I’ve build a few ar15 and have been wondering about the differences with the Billet and forged receivers. I always thought forged was better and stronger because when you forge metal in lines up the molecules in the same direction making it stronger . So is a forged receiver stronger and better or is the billet receiver ?

Normally forged would have the strength advantage unless the billet was machined from a very high quality metal but only then it wouldnt be much less or more stronger. It all depends on the grade of metal that the billet came from. Lower grades may have slight air pockets that you may not be able to see by eye, but even then you won’t break one unless you were beating the unholy hell out of it. Billet to me = show gun because theyre nicer too look at than just a plain forged lower or upper. They can make their own designs etc where as forged is basically pressed or molded while the metal is red hot and you’re stuck with that mold shape.