Bolt Carrier Groups


So BCGs NP3 vs NiB vs TiN? Any takers?? I’ve got a NP3 bcg from Wilson Combat and a Black Nitride from Noveseke. Just wondering what the deal is. All I know for certain is the NiB has the potential to flake but that’s where my knowledge stops.


I’ve had no flaking issues with my WMD NiB as of yet. It really isn’t that much easier to clean than the nitrided bcg in my Sig 516.


I guess it’s just the cheap ones that flake.


You will not get flaking if it’s true nickel boron and done correctly


That’s good to know, and it does look good. But, its really a risk/reward equation. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Nitrided carriers are just as easy to clean, without the risk of getting a flaky coating. Just my 2¢


I run nitride on a few of my builds and only have one nickel boron, they are all APOC Armory brand so of course I only run the best lol.


I’ve got Wilson combat in two and Noveseke in one. I was just curious what all the hype was. I’m running NP3 Nitride and Magnesium Phosphate so we’ll see how each does on their own.


I haven’t even gotten an opportunity to even test mine out yet but I’ve got an Alethia Defense black nitride bcg. I would like to do a side by side comparison with an APOC BCG but may have to wait to see if I win the one they’re giving away here.