Breakthrough Clean


Pictures soon to follow…

I ordered a couple trial size items from breakthrough and when they arrived the spray tips didn’t work properly. They were like 2 bucks a piece so I was like no big deal. I sent them an email and told them that I didn’t want a refund, I just wanted to give them a heads up. They ended up sending me 2 big bottles and a bunch of stickers and trial size lubricants and cleaners.

A+ for the customer service.

Just a heads up that they are a stand up company…

Now to dirty my weapons and see how good their product is.


That’s always a positive start to a review! Look forward to your observations of the product


Love it it’s great stuff


I’ve been using it for a couple of months and it isn’t terribly priced


I used it today to clean the S&W Shield I just bought. it wasn’t very dirty because it had only been test fired from factory, but I did like it. No stink, worked well.

Hopefully I can get my firearms dirty asap and get some before and after pics of them. So far I like the product.


I didn’t get pics but wow. It worked extremely well. Hopefully tomorrow I will dirty t and get more pics.

Doesn’t smell at all, cleans very well, and the customer service they provided me was fantastic. I’m a fan. If your looking to try something different, give Breakthrough a shot.


Smells better than Ballistol and is leaves less mess than clp. Only thing that would make it money in the bank is if they made wipes like remoil does.


Ive been using Fireclean it does a good job. I was just wondering if you’ve used and if so how it compares. I’ve been very tempted to try some of the Breakthrough Clean.


I have not used it, but I do like breakthrough compared to the standard stuff

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