Build a 224 Valkyrie AR or Wait it Out?


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We get a lot of questions from friends and peers…build a 224 Valkyrie AR now or wait it out and see what happens? For those searching for “one gun to do it all”, the 224 Valkyrie is very intriguing in the now, especially for those comfortable building an AR.


I have my .224 Val assembled and ready to test, sadly rain and health issues have prevented it up yo now. I hear conflicts between rounds that somewhat deter my continued support of the round but until I test, I’ll remain on board with it.


what would you go to as an alternative? Grendel? sorry about your health btw…heal up bro :slight_smile:


If I had a long distance range, I’d be really considering a .224 build right now.


Thanks for the GWB. I have a 6.5 on the bench too. Saving up for a Creedmor next. The 6.5 G is for the youngest son. .224 is for wife. Once we get them all sorted out I’ll have better information

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