Building my first AR-15 from scratch


I have started my first AR build from scratch. i have done a couple from completed lowers and uppers but I am running into a million questions building this one.
SO far i have a stripped anderson lower. and have on order an aero precision lower parts kit.
also want to put a bsf 24.5 .224 valkyrie carbon fiber wrapped barrel on it.
Do i need a certain upper receiver?
I am also having trouble finding a 17" hand guard to put on it.
i just dont want to order all my parts and things not match uo any help and advice or suggestions would be great!


I would stick with an Anderson upper. I would purchase a lapping tool and compound for the upper if accuracy is a priority. SLR rifle works is a favorite of mine but they only go 16 1/2" for their hand guards. I would also order Colt detent pins from Brownells. Trust me, they are worth the $5 per detent cost. I only use BCM BCG for my builds and they are top of the line. I also use the SLR adjustable gas block so I can tune in my ammo. Don’t forget to tighten, loosen, tighten loosen three times before tightening the barrel to the receiver and use the proper grease on the upper barrel threads. Always test the gas key, gas tube for proper alignment. I also thread and plug the rear take down pin which makes removing the stock much easier without the problem of losing the detent and spring. Good luck :wink:


I have purchased the lapping tool. I have ha several people tell me to do that for better accuracy. I finally found the hand guard i was looking for. Thanks for the information i will make note of everything