California new mag locks


I was woundering if anyone has the new CA mag locks and what they think of them.


I have purchased the ARMaglock ( good quality, innovative approach, have to breach the action to release the mag. I like it, it works great. in reality what else can we do here in CA. the only question I have is will it stand up to the legal fight currently going on in the capital.


Im hoping it does at least long enough to last till i get out to Texas. But i have seen there are like two or three design’s right now.


I have the armaglock mentioned above. I hate it. But it works. There is another one made by some boys in Shasta, it fits on the opposite side of the receiver and is said to work, although I personally have not verified it. (link:

The problem with both is the incessant need to pop your rear take-down pin. What this does is wallows out the part of your gun that is irreplaceable - the lower receiver. If you use yours as much as I use mine, it won’t take long to hog out the rear take down pin hole.

I am currently looking at modifying a lower to accept press-in oil-impregnated bronze bushings sized to fit standard rear take-down pins. The idea is to oversize the rear take-down pin hole, then press-in bronze bushings (which are replaceable) for the rear take-down pin to ride in. That way if the pin gets sloppy, just swap out the bushings, as bronze will wear faster than steel.

I am also looking at making my own ar-maglock style device, that will allow the user to swing the “arm” out of the way. For those of us who travel to other states without Draconian gun laws and don’t want to strip our lower down every time we travel for a shoot, this would be a way to appease out-of-touch Sacramento politicians while still being functional. Picture the Raddlock system and the ar maglock system having a baby.

In summary, the only REAL solution I see at this point is to convert your scary black rifles to “featureless”. An A2 stock, aftermarket fixed stock, or an otherwise permanently pinned collapsible stock, monsterman grip, kydex grip wrap, or other device to prevent thumb from wrapping behind the grip, and swap out the birdcage for anything that doesn’t say flash suppressor (i.e. compensator, muzzle brake) and you can say bye-bye to your bullet button in its entirety, and featureless rifles are exempt from forced unconstitutional registration. I have been advising everyone I know to go this route. You lose a little of the “cool” factor, however you keep your name off of confiscation/imprisonment lists, and you can run a standard MIL-Spec mag release button, thus improving the safety and reliability of your scary black rifle.

My $.02


I dont really want to do one where im going to have to cut in to the receiver as it will be going on my first build.


Go featurless maybe?


I ended up going featureless my two Aero builds. One is a complete FNH A2 with an Aero m-16A2 commemorative receiver. I changed out the birdcage for a J comp and the Kydex wrap. The other one is Aero build with a J comp and both have A2 stocks. My third build which was my first was in Anderson lower with an ALG ACT trigger group and a early PSA FNH upper with a FNH CHF barrel. Made it featureless and transferred it to my son for his birthday before the end of the year.
Featureless is the only way to go once you get used to the Kydex wraps they’re not too bad and they come off quick when you’re out of state. The J comp is remarkably effective and I picked him up for like 22 bucks a couple years ago. I’ve shot a lot of different AR’s both birdcage and comp’s and overall I’m really impressed with the J comp you might have to wait a while to find one but if you can get it jump all over it they’re cheap and extremely effective but loud.
I say go featureless and screw California’s registration I don’t even need a bullet button can use the standard mag release. Matter-of-fact I’ve got a Saiga sporter it’s a fantastic rifle and I’m not about to convert it doesn’t need a mag lock on it either



Seriously guys. All you do is get a little fin for your grip and a fixed buttstock, and you have an excuse to get rid of a birdcage A2 flash hider, which for the most part sucks already, and get a nice muzzle brake. It all sucks, but this is the easiest thing to do and easiest thing to swap out and you dont have to keep popping pins to reload everytime.


I found a mag lock for about 20 bucks im going to use that for about a year till I bounce out of California.


Or, make it a straight pull bolt gun.


Wanted to provide some additional options for those of you who live in a restricted state like I do (California). I responded earlier to this thread with the AR MAGLOK option which I have installed in one of my AR builds. But have come across a better option for me which will be installed on my second rifle. This is the Cross Armory “Safe Mag” product, it runs under the same premise (breaking the action to release the mag) but when coupled with their “Quick Pins” device it appears that the one drawdown of the AR MAGLOK of winnowing out the rear takedown pin openings will be a thing of the past.


Currently we have a new option that blows the competition away price wise as well as ease of install. Currently the SB880 Magazine lock from E P Armory is $14.99 shipped anywhere in the U.S. I am new here so I am not sure if I can share a link but it is on the website.


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You name it, I’ve tried them all. From bullet button to quick pins.
What I like the best is a combination of the houge freedom fighter and the hell fire rear take down pin kit. Used in conjunction with a BAD lever or Phase 5 bolt release. The bolt catch still works so you drop it with the bad, hit the rear pin and the reciever opens just enough to eject the mag. Insert mag, close reciever and charge.
What I like best about the combination is if you get a double feed you can drop the front pin, open the reciever and eject the mag.