Can you Shoulder a Sig Brace or KAK Stabilizer on Pistol

I have seen videos and people tell me that their is a new opinion about the sig brace and the stabilizer it could be shoulder. I want to see the letter and see if a ruling or just an opinion that can leave discretion to the Range Office or Peace Officer. Just want more clarification.

I am not a lawyer so this is not legal advice :slight_smile:

I read the letter from the ATF (I’ll try to find the link again) but basically what it said was the device is designed for one thing and if someone uses it for something other than what it was designed for then that doesn’t change the legality of the device and/or the action.

edit: here is the link to the article which also has a link to the ATF letter -

here is a direct link to the letter:

it does appear to be legal under this current federal administration. I live in CA so state laws are a whole different issue.

ATF has said this is allowed but with laws, you have federal law then state and local law. We’d have to have more information from you about your location.

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Yeah, I live in California lol

As do i. True story:

I was in my LGS and a couple guys walked in and wanted to do a PPT and the guy behind the counter refused to do the transfer because it had the KAK brace on it and said he wouldnt because CA would view it as a SBR even though the ATF at the time allowed it (without shouldering).

Point here is on a rifle you can use it and shoulder it as long as the barrel is 16" or longer and overall weapon length is 30" or longer.

In CA you could probably win in court if you had it on a pistol but to me its not worth the risk since i am not a lawyer or have a money tree to pay for one :slight_smile:

Wise words… Just curious what are the options on this issues