CBC Industries, any good?

I’ve seen a couple post/reviews here but I was wondering if more people have ordered complete uppers from them. Good quality? Good fit? Worth the money?

Got Anderson strip lower and a cbc upper fits like a glove …waiting for weather to chill so I can go to the range

I’ve gotten an upper and a barrel from them, both are great. I’m lucky because they are local so I just go by their shop to browse the uppers and barrels on the showroom wall. :wink:

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Good to hear! I’ve been debating between them and a company called Kinetic Concealment. I think I’ll go with CBC for this build and try the other on my next build. Thanks for the input.

Have CBC on my watch list. Does anyone know if they offer a side charging upper? I looked but didn’t notice anything?

Haven’t seen one yet

We do not currently have a side charging upper ready for sale. We are looking at developing one.

Have you guys thought about 458 socom?

We have looked at it. Right now I think there is a question regarding the overall interest in the caliber and the overall platform.