CBC Industries Next Big Thing New Product Offering

#canycompliant #newproduct

Doesn’t the thumbhole stock make it non compliant…hera has the stock that is compliant though.

As pictured it is non-compliant but we will be offering an upper that will have the hole covered with their plates

Definitely awesome but call me a newbie why is the thumb hole non-compliant.

The new “Assault Weapon” classification in Cali

Since the Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989, California has defined an “assault weapon” as any semiautomatic center fire rifle with a removable magazine PLUS any of the following “evil features:”

  1. Pistol grip
  2. Forward pistol grip
  3. Adjustable stock
  4. Flash suppressor/ flash hider

Thankfully im in arizona. Whew! I’ll take 2