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Hey guys,
I’ve seen a lot of new users/builders on this site which is awesome!
I’m creating this thread to have an open discussion for questions regarding firearms and firearms related products.

To give you a background my family owns Creative Arms LLC., a 07/02 Firearms & NFA manufacturer based out of Des Moines, IA. We pride ourselves in manufacturing top quality products.

If you have any questions about building your first AR, Manufacturing processes that we use, our products, etc. drop a comment and I will try get get back to you ASAP.

-Preston Folkestad


doing my first complete build. I have a few questions on my next steps. And what will fit with what i have already bought.
To start my build is a .224 valkryie. i am wanting accurate distance out of it more than speed.
So far i have a tripped anderson lower and aero lower parts kit on the way.
i have also bought a BSF barrel 24.5" .224 w/1.7 twist fluted carbon fiber wrapped.
what should be my next step and is there a certain upper receiver i nee to buy for everything to match up?


@briar91 to be honest we have not done a complete .224 build however I did a bit of research with some of our employees that have built their own. It looks like the main thing you need to switch out is your bolt and barrel, as you stated you already have a barrel so its just a matter of getting the correct bolt to match up with the round. JP Enterprise has a nice bolt that should work with that! As far as the entire build goes it sounds like your off to a good start with some basic mil spec parts in the lower. That being said, any mil spec (99%) of the AR15 uppers off the shelf or from a manufacturer will work great for this platform. I’d pickup a handguard ( I personally love the midwest industries rails, they are easy to install and are built really nice) and some optics. In my research too it looks like you can use just standard AR15 style magazines.

Happy shooting!
Preston Folkestad


What torque do you use on a castle nut for the upper receiver extension," buffer tube" installation? I have read it is 35 to 45 foot lbs, but this seems excessive since it is the same value as a barrel installation. The buffer tube will turn on the end plate, stripping out the threads when trying to apply such a high torque setting on the castle nut. l use a lot less torque and add a little blue loctite with staking and I have never had a buffer tube castle nut loosen. Your thoughts and opinion would be much appreciated.


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